Saving Up For Freshman Year

College fund savingsSo you are heading off to your first year of college in the fall and are looking forward to some newfound freedom. With this independence however comes a bit more responsibility, such as taking more control of your money and taking on more expenses. While your parents may be providing financial support with tuition costs, textbooks and a meal plan they are most likely looking for you to cover any fun expenses. It’s therefore time to start thinking about how much fun money you should be saving up this summer for your first year of college!

Step One: Expenses

In order to determine how much money you need to save up for your freshman year, you should start by thinking about your expenses. Some common activities which college students often put fun money toward include eating out with friends, going to the movies, concerts and attending college sports events. Read more…

Fourth of July Bash on a Budget

Sparkler-and-FlagThe biggest celebration of the summer is just around the corner meaning its time for backyard barbeques and lighting up the sky with fireworks. Don’t let the costs of hosting a party keep you from celebrating our nations independence with friends and family. Instead, check out Money MindEd’s tips for hosting a Fourth of July bash without setting fire to your finances!

Plan Ahead: The best way to save money when hosting a party is to always plan ahead. If you know that you are going to be the host of the party, set a party budget a couple of weeks in advance. Then set money aside each week in order to avoid a strain on your finances when the party rolls around.  Read more…