Give Your Teen A Competitive Advantage!

Teens can start on the right path to success with easy-to-understand financial habits. Learning about finances doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be simple and fun!

Your teenager may already have a job or know a little about money, but have they thought about budgeting for that new smartphone, paying for music downloads or saving for those new clothes they like? Once they head off to college, they’re suddenly responsible for saving, budgeting, and managing their own money. There are many stories of students making uninformed decisions, running up debt and more importantly, developing poor financial habits.

At Money MindEd, our goal is to give students the best tools for financial literacy early so they can develop planning skills and be financially successful.

Your children have undoubtedly heard about the financial crisis at home or through the news. Now is the right age to instill good habits, teach them what it means to be financially responsible, teach how to avoid debt problems and save money for what they want and more importantly, what they NEED.

Don’t wait until your child is in debt or has little savings to begin their financial learning. Let Money MindEd help educate them before they get into trouble. We simplify complex topics about financial management to give them a strong financial start. It’s never too early to start them on the right path to financial success.