Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

waitressThe hectic life of a college student makes time very scarce; however it is also comes with a lot of expenses. A part time job can help you take on these expenses while still leaving time for school and fun. Check out Money MindEd’s favorite part time jobs for college students to help you find the perfect part time job!

On Campus: The best place to start your part time job search is on campus. There are many part time job opportunities for students on campus; most of these jobs are only available to students giving you hiring priority. An on campus job will also eliminate any commuting time and allow you to work around your class schedule. Check out your schools career services center to start your search. Continue reading

Do You Need A Car In College?

college_student_car-400x231As you are preparing to leave for your freshman year of college you may be asking yourself a simple question, do I need to bring a car? The answer to this question is it depends. While it may seem strange to suddenly no longer have a car, in many cases many college students don’t immediately bring a car to college. Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you will need to bring a car with you to college this fall. Continue reading