Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

waitressThe hectic life of a college student makes time very scarce; however it is also comes with a lot of expenses. A part time job can help you take on these expenses while still leaving time for school and fun. Check out Money MindEd’s favorite part time jobs for college students to help you find the perfect part time job!

On Campus: The best place to start your part time job search is on campus. There are many part time job opportunities for students on campus; most of these jobs are only available to students giving you hiring priority. An on campus job will also eliminate any commuting time and allow you to work around your class schedule. Check out your schools career services center to start your search.

Paid Internships: A paid internship is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. With a paid internship you can earn money to pay for your expense while also gaining great experience in a specific field and building your resume. You may also be able to receive academic credits.

Waiter/Waitress: Working as a waiter/waitress provides a great opportunity to make good money and work around many other college students. Working in a restaurant setting will also allow you to have the flexibility of taking day or night classes, whichever you like best. You can go to school during the day and work at night or vice versa.

Tutor: There are many students on campus who struggle in a subject that comes easily to you, providing many on campus tutor opportunities. Working as a peer tutor will provide the benefit of allowing you to choose your own hours. Check out your university’s academic resource center or athletic tutoring programs to search for an open position.

Barista: College students function on very little sleep and in return spend a lot of money on coffee fixes. Working as a barista will earn you employee discounts to help you save money on your daily coffee fix. Coffee shops are also not open very late, leaving you time at night to study or spend time with friends.

Fitness Center: If you make it a priority to get in a daily workout regardless of a busy schedule then looking for a job at your nearest gym may be perfect for you. By working at a fitness center you can schedule your workout schedule around your work schedule.