The Importance of Saving


Getting in the habit of saving at a young age is key to a secure financial future. Here are some of Money MindEd’s favorite money saving techniques to help you get the most out of saving as a teenager.

Pay Yourself First: The most important rule to remember when saving is to pay yourself first. Once you receive your paycheck or allowance commit yourself to saving a certain amount. After you have paid yourself then use the remaining amount for expenses.  Read more…

How To Save Money In The New Year

Saving-MoneyThe new year provides a fresh start and a great opportunity to create new years resolutions. Start 2013 off right by creating resolutions for saving and spending habits. Here are some of Money MindEd’s favorite easy ways to start saving money in the new year!

Save, Save, Save: Saving money doesn’t just mean spending less, it also means setting money aside to save. This year start a resolution to save more money by opening a savings account. Placing $25 of each paycheck into a savings account will leave you with $650 at the end of the year. You can also try small savings techniques like creating a change jar for your loose coins or placing $5 dollars a week into a shoebox for a savings of $260 a year! Read more…