Why Every College Student Should Invest In Renters Insurance

renters insurance

Spring semester is the prime time for college students to begin their search for the following years housing arrangements. If you are like most college students you will be renting an apartment or a house; it is therefore a smart investment to purchase renters insurance in order to keep your wallet and possessions protected from any unexpected surprises.

What Is Renters Insurance? 

Renters insurance is a policy that protects your personal property in the case of theft or damage along with protection in the event that someone is injured on your property. Read more…

Cupid On A Budget

valentines daySearching for a way to create a memorable Valentine’s Day with your valentine while working with a budget? This year don’t overspend on expensive presents and fancy dinners, keep your spending under control with some of Money MindEd’s less expensive Valentine’s Day ideas.

Dinner Date: If you feel that treating your valentine to the romantic dinner for two is a necessity for the holiday, then utilize coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social. Try searching for a deal to a restaurant you both have not tried. Taking advantage of theses sites will allow you to treat your valentine to a nice meal without the outrageous bill. Read more…

Low Cost Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect yet inexpensive gift for your valentine this year? Money MindEd has the solution. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts to give that wont break the bank.

Valentines mug

I Love You A Latte: Create a handmade coffee mug for a friend or valentine this Valentine’s Day. Purchase a blank ceramic mug from your local dollar store. Then, using a sharpie, decorate the mug and place it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Complete by filling the mug with candy or a gift card to your local coffee shop. Read more…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having A Credit Card

Credit Card / Gold & PlatinumConsidering if investing in a credit card is a smart decision for you? Money MindEd is here to help you determine if now is the right time to invest. Here is our list of advantages and disadvantages to owning a credit card.


Building Credit: The greatest advantage that comes along with proper credit card use is building a good credit history. Credit is based on how long you have had credit and how reliable you are with making monthly payments. Starting to build credit early as a teenager or college student can help you in the future when you need a loan. Read more…

Tips For Balancing School and Work

Balance-between-work-and-schoolThe life of a teenager can become pricey when independence means taking on more expenses. While having a part time job has the benefits of a consistent income and helping to build your resume, finding a balance with school can be stressful. Money MindEd recommends these tips to help find a balance between work, school, and free time.

Plan Ahead: Avoiding cramming for exams and projects is key to academic success and is even more important when balancing a part time job. Take advantage of your course syllabus available during the first week of school. Find exam and project dates in the syllabus and request time off well in advance. Read more…